Windows – Styles and Definitions

New (Full Frame) and Replacement (Pocket-Insert) Windows
Window Types

Double Hung Windows (up and down)   Double Hung Window Photos>>

Double Hung Windows

All windows need a good cleaning now and then. You can tilt these into a room for easy cleaning on both sides. Can be installed on their own or combine them with picture windows, bays or multiple units.

Ideal Windows

Casement (vertical crank out)   Casement Window Photos >>

Casement Windows CT NYWith good looks, easy installation, smooth operation and versatility make casements one of the most popular window lines. You’ll find a wide range of sizes, multiple wide units, picture combinations, bows and angle bays. It’s easy to design a custom look for everything you build. Once installed, casement windows are easy to own and operate and will give the most open space of any window type. The unique design swings open a full 90° for extra ventilation and improved cleaning access.






Specialty (direct-set)
   Specialty (direct-set) Window Photos >>

Direct-Set Windows (specialty)

Arrange a marriage of shapes and shadows to express your love of light in your own way.

You’ll fall in love with the possibilities offered by these stunning windows. Arrange triangles, octagons, trapezoids and parallelograms any way you desire.








Circle Top   Circle Top Window Photos >>

Circle Top WindowsThe circle is a perfect shape in nature and the perfect accent in your home. Nature creates its most surpassing beauty with curves. The dramatic circle top windows invite elegance into your home, beautifully complementing any of the extensive line of windows and doors. Choose from quarter circles, half circles, full circles and half ellipses to add outstanding design to any room.





Sash Replacement Window Kits
   Sash Replacement Window Kit Photos >>

Sash Replacement Window KitsStop drafts and save your walls. Sash replacement kits are the perfect way to turn drafty old windows into energy efficient ones, without committing to a complete tear-out remodeling or home improvement project. It's likely you won’t even disturb surrounding trim, wallpaper or paint. Replacement windows perform better, look better and maintain your home's classic appearance. Replacement kits work with any existing window frame and include energy efficient glazes, custom wood interiors and grilles to enhance the beauty of any room.




Awning Windows (horizontal crank out)
   Awning Window Photos >>

Awning Windows (horizontal crank out)

Get a breath of fresh air, without a drop of rain. Awning windows tip out from the bottom to let fresh air in and keep rain out. They are a perfect choice for rooms that need natural light and occasional ventilation while maintaining a weather-tight seal and superior security. They are available in a wide range of sizes to fit whatever design project you have in mind.



Picture Awning Units (combo)
   Picture Awning Unit Window Photos >>

Picture Awning Units (combo)

Let picture awning windows highlight the beauty of the world outside by framing your landscape. These windows combine an awning with a picture window to give you a wide-open view of the landscape. The lower awning opens for additional low-level cooling ventilation. Choose from a variety of different size combinations.






Gliders (sliders)
   Gliders / Sliding Glass Window Photos >>

Gliders (sliders) Windows

Meet a smooth operator. Slide them open, glide them closed. Slide/by windows are engineered to operate smoothly time after time, year after year. They open easily and shut tightly for energy efficiency. Available in a variety of sizes and options, slide/by windows make an exceptional addition to any room.







Bow Windows
   Bow Window Photos >>

Bay & Bow windows


Whether you want an arched bow window or an angle bay window (below) we can easily generate more room light and give exciting views to your landscaping in addition to making your entire home look bigger. These window styles can be used to replace a currently installed group of windows or simply to replace an older bay or bow. Can be used in combinations of pictures, double hungs or casements and window seats are available too!




Bay Windows  Bay Window Photos >>

Bay Window Install CT










Picture Windows (stationary/fixed)   Picture Window Photos >>

Picture Windows Faifield County CT

Want to “Strut your Stuff” with an amazing view? Then it’s “Picture Window Time”! Used in combination with other specialty shapes, styles or just as a stand-alone, either way you will get the brightness and outdoor light your room may need.

Contemporary Collection
   Contemporary Collection Photos >>

Modern architecture can be a challenge for ordinary windows. Our collection of modern window products can eliminate your compromises and give you much, much more. Sleek lines and a range of chic interior and exterior finishes combined with narrowline profiles deliver the futuristic look you are looking for.

   Garden Window Photos >>

Garden Windows Fairfield County CT

A favorite for sunny spots. Two side operating windows allow for fresh air. Available in a wide range of colors. Put your favorite plants on the shelves to bring your garden "inside"!

   Hopper Window Photos >>

Hopper Window Fairfield County CT

Generally used as basement windows, hinged for ventilation. Various options are available.

Coastal Storm
   Coastal Storm Window Photos >>

Coastal Storm Windows Fairfield County, CT

Be protected along our coast from the next "super-storm" or hurricane with our impact windows. With 85 years' experience in our coastal area we truly understand what storms in any season, not just hurricanes, can do…..and WILL do again!

Modern storm window protection does not have to be "unsightly" or unattractive. In fact, storm and hurricane window protection can be beautiful!

These windows are designed to be the ultimate in strength, yet still provide the beauty and warmth you demand. Insulating impact glass not only provides protection against hurricane-force winds, but offers greater energy efficiency too! Units are constructed of a wood interior and an extruded aluminum-clad exterior for the ultimate hurricane window protection.

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